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Does anyone else hate school at the moment? Commiserate with me. Let the world be united in its misery!


"The third week of September has always been a grisly time for schoolchildren. It is then that the romance of education, sparked by the back-to-school excitement of fresh books, new teachers, virginal fountain pens and notebooks unstained by ink blots and baffling mathematical formulas, begins to yield to reality.

"And what is that reality? It is knowledge. Knowledge that it will be nine long months before summer vacation rolls around again. Knowledge that the geography teacher dislikes you. Knowledge that the gym instructor finds your physique absurd. Knowledge that you are never going to understand at least three of the subjects with which you are saddled and are going to suffer horribly for months as you sink into the quagmire of F's recording the progress of your ignorance."

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