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I'm filling out job applications for retail-type places, and I'm wondering about my job history:

Should I put the jobs that I've had for less than 90 days on there? I've had several gaps in employment where I didn't work, plus I've had a few jobs that I ended up quitting after a very short period.

For example, this one application asks "List each company for whom you have worked". I never put the jobs I've had for a day or less, but what about the ones I've had for a month (or just less than 90 days)? I've never been fired, I just quit because of my low tolerance for people. I quit my last job a week ago and am just looking for a weekend job or something to pay for gas and my assorted bills while in school.

Almost 5 years ago I had the cartilage in my ears pierced at the mall because I didn't know better. They got infected something nasty, so I ended up taking the rings out a few months later & the swelling and such eventually went away where you'd never know they were pierced.
Well, yesterday, one of them started swelling a bit and today it's been hurting. Should I be concerned? Or should I just simply put some medicine on it as my mother suggested and not worry?

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