Super Nintendo Chalmers (veggiepen) wrote in thequestionclub,
Super Nintendo Chalmers

What's a good last name for Mabel? The only semi-decent one I've got so far is Mabel Snow. This is for fiction; no living person will actually have to bare this name.

I'm really skinny and appear to have almost completely flat abs- as long as I'm standing/sitting straight. If I slouch, though, it looks like I'm trying to shoplift a tire. Are a lot of skinny people like this, or do I still have a lot more crunches to do?

I won't be 18 until January. Can my pediatrition (yep, I'm still goin there) prescribe me birth control pills without telling my parents? Failing that, if I see a gynoecologist before I turn 18, can she prescribe without telling my parents? I realize that this is incrdibly immature, but we all know how parents are. I live in New York if it makes a difference. Oh, and yes, I know about 10 places where I can get free condoms. My boyfriend says it just doesn't feel the same wrapped in rubber (Ive been on birth control before- long story) and he can't even orgasm now.

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