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the dreaded topic of politics...

say you agree with a third party more than a major party. would you vote with what you believe even though the chances of your choice candidate getting the office he or she is running for is slim to none, or would you vote for the major party candidate you agree with more?

i say yes, vote for your choice candidate. many people say one is "throwing away their vote" by voting third party, but seeing as to how, for the most part, the election comes down to the electoral college*, i think you should follow your beliefs. thats what voting is all about: "making your voice heard" and the like.

*yes, i do know how the electoral college works. i say this because i have a feeling someone will explain it to me as if im clueless.

edit: i dont mean just rlaph nadar when i ask this. i mean any third party candidate for president.

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