Another Girl (septembergrrl) wrote in thequestionclub,
Another Girl

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Three burning questions

Okay, maybe not. But this is what is going through my head lately:

1. If you keep Kosher, can you have bread and butter (or bread with butter/dairy products in it, like croissants or buttermilk biscuits or cheese bread) with a meal containing meat?

2. I've been married for two years, and I completely love my husband, but I have this really stupid crush on a guy at work. How do I get over it? Also, married/otherwise committed people, is this normal?

3. So I'm finally learning to drive for real, 10 years late, and five months into it everything is groovy except that I keep going into parking spaces (regular ones in parking lots, not parallel spaces) crooked. Is there some secret technique I'm missing, or does it just come with practice?
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