nowhere man (noattentionspan) wrote in thequestionclub,
nowhere man

i have pretty leniant standards when it comes to guys. seriously about half the guys i meet i find attractive in some way or another. now while i don't really come on to people (b/c i don't want to make anyone uncomfortable), i do make a point of being generally sociable and nice and whatnot and i think people can kinda tell who i'm interested in and who i'm not interested in.
so how come i can't find a boyfriend?* i hang out with so many guys, and every guy i've ever liked says i'm cool and likes me as a friend, but they never ever like me the way i like them. why is this? i know i'm not ugly. and in fact i'd say i'm a fairly cool peron. what am i doing wrong?

*i know some people are gonna say stop looking for a boyfriend. but really i can't help wanting one.

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