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Chinese translation question

Below is an image of six Chinese characters, 3 sets of 2 characters each. I have a couple
questions about them.

1) Can anyone tell me the exact meaning they'd give each of the 3 sets of characters in English? I'm particularly curious to capture any idiomatic meanings as well as the literal translation. These should be 3 somewhat related terms, but I'm told they have quite different meanings.

2) The characters are presented side-by-side horizontally. Is there any difference in meaning if they are arranged top-to-bottom vertically?

Thanks in advance. I hope at least a couple people out there can comment, it's hard to find someone bilingual enough to assist in this, and I'm trying to get a wide range of opinions so I can make sure I understand the meanings of the characters before I possibly get one or more of the sets done as a tattoo design (and no, let's not debate if that's a good idea or not... I know the pros and cons of this whole subject quite well, and after 10 years of thinking about it, I've made up my mind to do it so long as I'm satisfied that the idiomatic translations match what I want to say).

If the meanings seem to fall in line with what I thought they might be, then I'll probably post a response somewhere in here about the "why" of this particular theme.


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