Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

quick dumb question:
How do i force quit on a mac? (os x, if it matters...)

(Yeah, I'm in a computer lab, using safari because ie locked up...)

Oh! Oh! other question!
Windows 3.1. a, is there any sort of emulator type thingy where I could make it look like my computer was 3.1 (and give geeky friends a heart attack)...
and, if the latest version of windows had the 3.1 style layout(without the icky graphics)... do you think that would go over well, or not?
I think it'd be a nice seller with the computer illiterate... Since everything was right there instead of all programs->accessories->games-> solitaire...

And, was it just me, or was 3.1 really stable? I was, like... 8/9/10 when we had it, but i can't seem to remember is giving us any problems other than not being able to play a certain game because of something about memory...which could have been caused by us having a packard bell...

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