yattaboe (yattaboe) wrote in thequestionclub,

role models

do you have any role models? if so, who?

i have two, i think. both from movies.

one is that lady from love actually, you know, alan rickman's character's wife. she acts like she has her shit together, and i respect that. mostly i respect her for how she reacts to finding that christmas gift (i don't want to describe it too closely in case anyone out there hasn't seen the movie but still wants to).

even more so, i (like probably about millions of other people) have wanted to be like westley ever since i was a child. seriously, he's my hero, not in the "i want him to save" me way, but in the "i want to be like that" kind of way. and if i could go on an adventure like his, that'd be all the more awesome.


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