Meryddian (meryddian) wrote in thequestionclub,

Photography software

I'm looking for a program I can use to make a relatively simple slide show - my pictures + possibly music, not all that worried about special effects - that I can burn to a CD, and somebody else would be able to pop the CD into their computer and watch the slide show without having to install extra software onto their computer, i.e., the slide show plays on something like QuickTime or Windows Media Player that most people would already have on their computer.

My criteria are few:
- Low cost (under $25) or free.
- Ease of use (drag & drop ideal; but ideally something that can be figured out without having to read a 100-page manual first).
- Slide shows exportable to CD and able to watch with QT or WMP (as noted above).
- Ability to set slide show to music a bonus, not a requirement.
- Would prefer a program that does NOT allow - or can be set to not allow - pictures to be printed or saved.
- I have Photoshop CS, so I don't need a program that has photo-editing abilities (if they have those features, fine; I just don't need them).
- I have a PC/WinXP not Apple. (although I wish I had an Apple).

I found "SlideShow Expressions" for $19-20 (, Best Buy) but reviews seem mixed on it. Has anybody used it? If so, what's your take on ease of use, product created, etc?

Aside from SSE, are there any other programs other folks would recommend?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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