Because I'll sleep when I'm dead !!! (ptc555) wrote in thequestionclub,
Because I'll sleep when I'm dead !!!

Two Questions:

1. My family has to get our bathtub replaced, because the pipes have completely deteriorated. So everthing, the tiles, the floor, etc, need to be replaced, and it's going to take a whole week for it to be done. Which means we'll have no bathtub and no shower! What are we supposed to do?

2. It was my birthday on Friday. When they brought me my cake, it had two candles on it, 2 and 5, because it was my 25th. Just when everyone had stopped singing and I was ready to make my wish...they both blew out. All on their own. We re-lit the candles and they were ok. Everyone was standing away from the cake, it was in the centre of the table. No windows open, no draft, no sudden movements. WHY DID THEY JUST BLOW OUT LIKE THAT?!
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