Not really an entire Zone..more of a Twilight area (chimaerandi) wrote in thequestionclub,
Not really an entire Zone..more of a Twilight area

Based on _ria's name thing below...

When left to your own devices:

1) Jon or John?

2) Mark or Marc?

3) Caitlin or Kaitlin?

4) Alyssa or Alissa?

5) Also, does it annoy you when someone with a common shortening (Michael, Andrew, Catherine, etc) refuses to respond to that shortening?

1) Jon. I don't know why, but the superflous H really bugs me.
2) Mark
3) Caitlin
4) Alyssa. The two friends I've had named Alyssa, spelled it that way.
5) It bothers me if they don't give me another option. My old roommate Jacqueline hated Jackie, but was fine with JK. My best friend Catherine hates Katie, but goes by Cathy. Ex-boyfriend hated Andy, went by Drew. Fine. But I hate it when they get all indignant..."It's Christopher, not Chris" I have a guy I work with named Jonathan. Hates Jon. Hates everything. I call him J. Tough luck.
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