celialove (celialove) wrote in thequestionclub,

Politics and packages

First question: What is the purpose of the primaries?

It seems to me that they exist only to narrow our choices of candidates. It doesn't seem right that someone's consider "out of the race" because a relatively tiny amount of people vote for someone else. And it seems incredibly bogus that we have only two major candidates to choose from.

I've tried reading about primaries but all the political jargon is difficult to understand.

Last year I made a mistake and voted for Kerry. I don't say that because I had a problem with Kerry--I can't even really say I regret voting for him--but because I didn't even attempt to educate myself on the other candidates. I assumed I have to vote for either him or Bush. Since I really didn't agree with most of Bush's policies, and I agreed with some of Kerry's, I voted for Kerry. Now that I look back on it, I realized I should have educated myself more and looked into other options.

Now I'm following all the candidates on YouTube (great idea for someone like me, who can understand things more if I see and hear them) and listening to what they say so I can make a more educated decision. My biggest concern, though, is that the primaries are going to mess things up so I end up having to choose Clinton or McCain, Obama or Paul, etc.

So, someone please explain to me--what is the purpose of the primaries?

Second Question: Do you get excited when you get a package, even if you know what it is?

For me it's like Christmas. :D

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