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1 serious question, 1 silly question


Soo there's this boy. He's ridiculously cute, and we're really really good friends. I always thought of him as just a friend until a mutual friend of ours, who hung out with us at an amusement park over the summer (he drove down to visit me, and then drove me up to visit him) commented on how during the course of hanging out with the two of us, she and the other person who had come with us had been 'making bets about how long it would take you to start dating.'

That, naturally, planted a seed and here I am weeks later with this massive crush on him. I don't know whether he likes me or not, so I'll just list off a few things that have happened since then:

  • before he came to visit during the summer, he would joke about how he was going to come and show up at the door with flowers and chocolates, apparently just to trick my mom and sister into thinking we were dating

  • I've told multiple mutual friends about this crush, and all have said that he likes me back.

  • he'll do cute things for me, like give me his sweater to wear when it starts to rain (and then when I give it back to him the next day, put it on and say 'it smells like you...'), or notice when I've just taken a shower not because my hair is wet, but because the air smells like my shampoo, or comfort me when I'm sad, or curl up next to me while we watch House, etc etc

  • he is always bugging me to come over more, even though I'm at their apt like at least 2 or 3 times every week

  • BUT according to one of our close mutual friends, he mentioned that there was a girl who lived somewhere around where we live for college (across the state from where we normally live) that he was interested in, AND he's just removed his facebook 'single' relationship status (yes, lame, but I will have you know I was NOT the one to notice this: facebook stalker I am not).

So I guess my question is: does he like me, y/n? Is this just a close-friends platonic thing?? And what should I do about it? I suck at flirting because I end up being WAY too subtle and it's hardly even noticeable.


What do you think is a good name for a teddy bear? Mine's named Sir Ralph Wigglesworth.

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