bloodpara (bloodpara) wrote in thequestionclub,

1) My friend and I have a connection through listening to certain music (Phantom of the Opera, Bond, Enya etc;) and we get amazing feelings by singing together (we can both sing opera). I can not describe them, but I CAN say that for me they are not romantic nor sexual, even though I can't speak for my friend, who is very much love with me. My husband says he feels like I'm cheating on him when me and my friend sing together (even when he's there with us, it's like my friend and I go into our own little world) because we can never have that connection because he does not get those feelings when he listens to that music (and he can't sing if his life depended on it). Is he right? Should I stop?

2) My husband found a huge 75-inch Interactive Touch (IT) Board on amazon for $999 and it says you can use it as a regular TV. The only problem is it says it has 1016LPI instead of just pixels, and I've been looking through google trying to figure out what that meant and if it was as good as HDTV, but the only things I found were for printers. Is 1016LPI good quality? 
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