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To London, England?

     I'm currently in the U.S, and in my first semester of my senior year in High School I've been in the town I'm currently in my entire life ... and I'm ready for some change. I'm so incredibly sick beyond belief of the school system here, and the teacher's I have this year. I'm just.. tired of them. Anyway, I just learned that if I wanted to, I could graduate early. My mother and I both want to move to England (she has a job pending over there). She'll only move if I graduate early, but she says it's totally up to me.

     We'd move after first semester. However, I am assigned classes for second semester such as AP Psychology, Environmental Science, Guitar Class and Anatomy. I have all the credits and courses I need to finish after first semester ... and I DO wanna go to England ... but I guess what's holding me back is ... would I be cutting short my education? Do I really need those classes, especially since one is an AP class and colleges like to see these things.

     But also if I graduate early, I can work for a little while and save some money for college. Friends aren't really an issue for me (I don't have many) Ugh, I just don't know what to do. Will you please help me decide?
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