Amanda (inspire_me) wrote in thequestionclub,

Richard III paper...

I am writing an english paper....and yes it is due tomorrow...because I am a procrastinator...anyhoo

I can't seem to find a good way of opening the essay at all. Here's the assignment:

Write a 2-3 page essay on the following topic. Be sure to use the text to support your analysis.

Beginning with the initial soliloquy in Act I, Richard, though the brother of the seated king, seethes at his outsider status. Queen Margaret, also, is an outsider, though Richard fails to note their similarities. Like Richard, Margaret focused all her loyalties on one object, only to lose everything. Margaret has been what Richard is now, and what Margaret is now Richard will become. Elaborate on this last statement.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...and I'll be up all night and this paper isnt due until I can write tomorrow morning too.

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