Rupalo (lelebluesummers) wrote in thequestionclub,

have you ever been in a serious car accident?

over the summer i got smashed into when a lady going 65mph on a freeway hydroplaned and slammed on her brakes, causing her to loose control and run into me.

were you hurt? how serious?

i had some severe whiplash and my wrist hurt. so i was on pain meds and muscle relaxers, plus a wrist brace.

how long until you were better?

my accident was on 8/01, and i was sore for about 2 weeks. last night my neck started to hurt again, and today it was worse. i'm worried its really messed up and that i will have to go to the doc again

on a happier note:

what are your plans for the weekend?

i have lots of studying to do, 3 tests next week. but i'm going to go out with some friends i haven't seen in a few weeks, which should be fun!
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