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Hiring practices. . .

All right. Here's the story - I'm a full-time university student, so I'm looking for a part-time job to save up a bit of extra money. My resume format has been foolproof in getting me jobs the past three years, perfect spelling and grammar, the whole deal. My availability is great - I'm only looking for part-time, handing out to places who are looking for part-time, and my availability could almost qualify me for full-time (whoot for being an Arts student).

But the past month or so has yielded nothing. Nada. Zilch. I've handed out dozens of resumes, and only gotten one interview (with which I didn't get the job I'm guessing, being as that was about a month ago). Just to places in malls and such, fast food, etc. I'm more than qualified to do fast food, being as I've done it before, not to mention I have a variety of other experiences.

What riles me even more than not getting an interview is that some places that have the Help Wanted signs that I passed resumes out to - still have the signs up. Weeks later. They still have the signs up, even though they have my more-than-qualified resume in their hot little hands.

So anyways, onto my questions - should I give these people another resume? Should I inquire about the status of my earlier application? Should I just give up on them and search somewhere else?
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