tabitha [renee] (xxskittles12xx) wrote in thequestionclub,
tabitha [renee]


 Should I be as POed as I am?
I'm not gonna lie and say he's not right about what I did, but seriously, it was once, and it was because I felt bad about myself and was depressed. I seriously regret what I did...

[20:29] Drew: I still think about you alot, also sexually too. I still wish I could give myself to you
[20:29] xxtabbylove: ah drew dont do that =
[20:29] xxtabbylove: =[
[20:30] Drew: do what?
[20:31] xxtabbylove: i dont now what to say to what youjust told me lol
[20:32] Drew: I don't know, wish we could have phionesex at least once before you go
[20:32] Drew: miss doing it with you
[20:32] xxtabbylove: i dont,i'm sorry.
[20:34] Drew: This sucks, you're slutty with other men in person and on craigslist but with me you nevef want to do shit.
[20:35] xxtabbylove: it only happened once!

[edit:] LOL, yeah ok so its funneh but i'm being serious here. i'm really hurt and upset... 

[edit2] isn't it funneh that he could easily look on here? he has an LJ i think lol...
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