Colleen (chaton_de_neige) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm a supervisor at a local restaurant. Today was my day off. There was a meeting for cooks and supervisors at 4:30 pm. I slept through it, as well as the phone call to ask me where I was. If a server or cook missed the meeting, they'd be fired, but we're down to two supervisors (plus one in training at the moment.) I've called the restaurant and the manager's cell phone trying to get in touch with her to apologize, it rang for over a minute and then went to a busy tone.

Do you think I'll get fired? (oh please, oh please!! I just want a weekend off for once. And my boy is coming to see me this weekend, it'd be so nice to see him after a relaxing day, rather than after 9 hours of pure hell!)

Is there anything else I can do about it tonight? Should I continue to call the manager's cell (she never works nights,) or should I just relax and deal with it in the morning?
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