zhuangzi dreamed he was a butterfly. (matsu) wrote in thequestionclub,
zhuangzi dreamed he was a butterfly.

computer problems? :(

So I had music and using Skype at the same time. Meanwhile, somebody keeps IMing me over and over, right? And AIM keeps making the IM noise, over and over. So after just a few seconds of that, my computer gets the blue screen of death, and when it restarts, I can't use my sound.

Right now whenever I try to play music, or a sound pops up, etc., it makes this weird sound like that hiss you get after throwing water on a fire (uh, if you've done that?). The same thing happens when trying to watch a video. I thought putting my headphones on would help, but then I get the weird noise right up in my ear instead.

Well, basically: What's wrong with my computer?! :(
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