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Take the survey for my essay!

I'm writing an essay about the relationship between a religious mother (or mother figure) and a non-religious child for my philosophy of religion class. I'd like to ask TQC some questions, if that's ok (if not, heaps of sorry). If you were both religious, or both non-religious I'd like to hear about that too, so anyone can do the survey.

1. Your age

2. Your Gender

3. Your Mothers Age

4. The age at which you left home to live on your own (if you already have).

5. Please rate your relationship on a scale from 1-10, 1 being a poor relationship and 10 being an excellent one.

6. Please describe your relationship to the extent with which you are comfortable.

7. If you rated a 5 or below, what specifically do you think that was due to?

8. If your mother was religious and you weren't, did that affect your relationship? How? (Or else, list what each of you was and how that affected your relationship.)

9. Anything else you'd like to say?

10. May I quote you anonymously?

This is probably a biased survey, but I'm kind of tired and don't care. >> So, answer away. Please and thank you. 
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