Rachel (happiness_gun) wrote in thequestionclub,

El Dia de los Muertos

1) How do you celebrate your loved ones that have died?
Yesterday in my Spanish class we celebrated Dia de los Muertos and talked about our loved ones and it was really moving to me. I think it's really important to actually take the time to celebrate their lives and share with others how important they were to you rather than let them only survive in your mind.
2) Do you have any great memories/people that you'd like to share that have passed away?

My answers:
1) My family constantly talk about great memories involving my grandma and we visit the mausoleum where her ashes are stored quite often.
2) My grandma was an amazing woman. Mother of six, wife of an alcoholic who didn't help much, and she was so absolutely vivacious. She held my family together. She was hit by a car walking to church. Ironic and idiotic (the person was taking an unprotected left and just didn't even bother to look).
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