Shauna (idoru) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm going to be very hypocritical, starting...NOW.

My sister-in-law, R, has been venting to the Intar Wubs all day about how wronged she has been by the in-law of an in-law, crying "woe is me" and playing the victim to garner pity from her e-palz. Now, the other lady is being terribly misrepresented, and any of my family stepping in to point out her side of the situation is an "attack" on my brother's wife.
However, all of this could have been avoided had R chosen not to vent family laundry in a public forum -- or at least filtered it so family couldn't see it, and R-cheerleaders could tell her that all she does is right and good. Flowers spring from her tiny, victimized footprints, and all.

Is it bad form to air negative/specific/private family business in a public forum?
Are there extenuating circumstances?
What are your thoughts on "airing dirty laundry" [family business] on a forum like LJ -- is it okay if it's your friends list, is it never okay, always, etc?

If I thought she'd be likely to read this, I might not air it, but honestly? Several of us have expressed our displeasure at her vilification of a fairly innocent person, including false accusations, in a forum that we can see. She doesn't care, she's been wronged, etc etc etc. Generally I do think it's bad form/rude to air family business in public, though "very vague" and "to strangers" can be okay, in a weird way.
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