The Irish Princess (asoneill) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Irish Princess

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Why do people hate Tom Brady and the Patriots so much?

Is it because of the cheating thing? (Not that this excuses what they did- which I'm still pissed at them for- but there hasn't been any evidence of cheating since the story first broke.) Do you think they're trying to prove they can win without cheating now?

Is it because they win by so much? Why is winning by a blowout considered classless? Shouldn't any team in any sport play to the best of their ability, or should they hold back if they're winning by too much?

Is Coach Cowher (former Steelers coach) correct in saying someone's going to take a cheap shot at Tom Brady as revenge?

Who will win this weekend's epic battle: The Pats or the Colts?


Wow, lots of questions. For the record, I am a Pats fan- I'm not trying to start anything, just genuinely curious. I promise I won't jump on anyone for saying the Pats suck, I just want to know why you think so.
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