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Inspired by cake_n_bacon's question:

My nose has been broken a few times, as far as I can remember. Once, by being slammed into the side of the kitchen counter, once by being smashed into a chalkboard tray, and once in an otherwise rather enjoyable mosh pit. Needless to say, my nose is a little messed up.

If I place my finger on the side of my nose, near the bottom, and push slightly, my nose makes an awful clicking sound. It's not painful in any way - it's just a very loud clicking sound, that can be easily heard even from the other side of a large room. (Grosses the hell out of my father, which I guess is a positive thing about it.) I've been able to make this clicking sound for a few years. I don't think my nose is broken at the moment, but still...

1.) What the hell is wrong with my nose?
2.) Does this probably have something to do with how many times my nose has been broken? (I mean, yeah, that seems like the most likely cause, but you never know...)
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