. (theflamewithin) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC, I am needing help with hair dye.

I'm pretty good at dying my own hair, have done it every colour of the rainbow, short, long, mullets...what have you with colour and cut. However, I am getting older and it's time for me to exist it the real world. For this reason, I'd like to dye my hair a sad and neutral brown. However, I am totally confused when it comes to the 'cool' and 'warm' tones, because before I didn't give a shit.

Is there a way to tell if I need a more blue/cool tone than a more golden/warm tone? I was going to out to buy dye within the next couple of days and don't want to buy the wrong tone, because I actually give a shit about my appearance now.

Dear TQC, would you happen to know knowledge of these 'tones' I speak of? How can I figure out which one would look better?

I don't have a lot of recent pictures, so bare with me.

This above is about a month old

This is me tan believe it or not
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