remeyblue (remeyblue) wrote in thequestionclub,

My bf wants to get me a cat. As I really really love cats, I would be all up for this. HOWEVER:
1. Should I wait a while, and see how things are going before we do that?
1a. Should I wait till I'm in an apartment complex that allows pets? Meaning, if we break up, I'd have to find a place for it, as it would be at his place.
2. How much does it cost to get a cat neutered? Because if it is a boy cat, I don't want him going and making more kitties, as there are lots and lots without homes and bad stuff happens to them and that whole deal that gets wanked over a lot.
Does it depend on the area you live in on how much it costs? And what kind of place would be the best to get a cat?
3. Would it be best to get an older cat that most likely has all the above stuff done, ie shots, neutering-
Or, a kitten that I can semi-brainwash into thinking I'm goddess?
4. I want to get soft claws if I get a kitten, cause I really don't like de-clawing. How does one go about training a cat to not scratch up things?

Also, I have Bejewled 2 for a trial, is it worth buying?
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