21Six (21six) wrote in thequestionclub,

Names, Titles, and a collection of pants

Do you actively attempt to learn and remember the names of people you are associated with? Such as a college course. Not an every day situation, like work, or you happen to be living with the person (or hiding in their basement from the police)

If no, do you cover up your obvious bastard-like behavior in not remembering/learning names by being a jackass and other random vulgarities to show my disdain by doing things like "Oh, hey! ... Guy!" Or do you go "Oh balls, I forgot your name" ?

Should I throw away the two pairs of pants in my closet that I've had for about seven years now? They still fit just fine (in that they are at least two or three sizes too big), but one of them has a long rip up the side of a leg and the other has a hole in the crotch that isn't getting smaller (and no, it's not where the zipper is. I checked.)

My answers for the first two:

1 - I try to remember names, but I don't see people often enough to get the chance to go "HEY! YOU'RE [Person X]"
2 - I've taken to calling people "sir", "ma'am", and "Captain". But at the same time I'll sometimes say if I've forgotten a name.
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