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- Whenever someone goes off-topic into a story or conversation with another person in comments, do you ever read them? even if they go on for like 10 comments? does it annoy you?
I usually read them..I find people interesting even if they're divulging un-needed info about themselves. or maybe i'm just nosey. although..there are some other sites that it annoys me on. I think I just find people on here a lot more intriguing for some reason.

-What would be a pet peeve of yours, particularly in the way other people behave, or look?
I know this is pretty sterotypical, but I seem to know an awful lot of egotistical, superficial gay men, and it annoys the crap out of me. their constant "fat people are sooooo disgusting"   "he's dressed way too straight for me"  "why is she wearing such a nasty shirt?" i'm not saying ALL are this way, because I know two gay guys that aren't that way and are my closest friends. I just don't know why there seem to be so many others that do act that way.
-Do you know any gay guys like this, or do I just seem to always run into them?
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