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Even with the fire, I'd still rather be in San Diego. :(

Role play!  You are a surgeon.  You have 2 patients who both need lung transplants.  Both patients are the same age, gender, race, same criminal record--everything!  Except patient A smoked for 3/4 of their life and patient B did not.   Odds of recovery are the same for both patients.  Who do you choose to give the lung?

Again!  You are a water fairy.  You have enough water to save one burning house, or to give it to an endagered whale preggers with twins who is in a dry tank.  Who gets your water!??

One more: it's the end of your school day and you're dead tired, having slept 4 hours last night.  You're watching a movie on how smoking can kill you (WHAT?!?!) and the lights are off.  Do you sleep and zomg lose ~*~TEN POiiNTS~*~, or tell your teacher to shut it and catch the z's.  WHAT DO YOU DO? 

ETA: well look at me fuck up my own question!  Or do you watch nasty autopsys and make dumb lj posts because you didn't sleep?

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