Tots (xtatyx18) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Why is the male species so sucky?

So me and this guy from work have been flirting 2nd grade style for the past month. Lots of stares, compliments (him to me, like calling me beautiful and whatnot) invitations to go make-out, and other cute little things here and there. Basically, I got the vibe that he was into me.

Tonight, however, when I imed him, he asked if I wanted to meet up so we can make out again. I wanted to see if he was really into me so I told him I wouldn't make out with him until after a dinner and movie. He then turned me down and realized that I meant "business."

So now that I've been formally rejected:

2. Was I stupid in thinking that he was into me?
3. Should I approach him and tell him that I changed my mind, and that we can indeed go make out? ( I mean, I'm young, there's no need for anything serious now, right?)
4. Should I just drop it and get over it?

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