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Putting together a folio

How do you go about putting together a cohesive folio when your work is a mix of still images, animations and written stuff (scripts, short stories)?

I'm looking to do Digital Arts at the Australian Nation University, and they require an interview and a folio presentation (10 minutes) to get in.

How much work should I realistically be looking to present? The guidelines suggest doing a show reel, or picking two projects to discuss with the panel. If I pick two projects, do I still present the rest of my folio? I don't really know how I would work written/still image work into a show reel, is that possible?

Would it be too disorganized to have printed copies of my written and still works, and then a DVD with animations? Could I do a short show reel of just animations (less than 1 min, probably) and then have the rest printed? If I do a showreel, do I bring the full animation (put them on the same dvd?) just in case they ask about it?

How do I present written work - scripts/short stories? They obviously won't have time to read them, do I provide a summary for them? Do I give them their own copy (what if there's more than 1 interviewer?)

Is there anywhere I can go, or someone I can talk to who can give me advice about this sort of thing?

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