saliam (saliam) wrote in thequestionclub,

A bit tl;dr, sorry...

I created another account on this computer for the SO because I didn't want him snooping through my files whenever he wanted to surf the net (I have a LOT of stuff I don't want him to see/know about because he won't get it and is always weird about stuff like that -- ie. fandom-related NC17 material).

Trouble is, all he has to do when he goes in his account is click on computer resources, documents, [my name]'s documents, and there it all is. He hasn't figured this out yet -- but he will, soon. Is there any way I can put, like, a blanket password on all my stuff so he can't get to it? Or stop my documents from being accessed from his account at all?

The trouble with this computer is it was bought in another country, therefore uses another language -- one I don't really understand too well. I can do basic things and figure out small problems, but I can't work this out. Can anybody help me, please?

And yes, I know, secrets in relationships are bad and destructive blah blah pancakes. He'd flip, and freak, and start all the "are you being perverted on the Internet?!" crap again, like the last time he stumbled across it five years ago. Not everyone understands Slash. :/

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