unf (ex_glomobiu) wrote in thequestionclub,

EDIT: I fixed it! Turns out my soundcard was loose! ;D Thank you again!

Okay, I need more trouble shooting help!

First my stats:
Win XP (with service pack 2), 256 meg RAM, and 120 gig HD.

So something's wrong with my desktop, and I really have no clue as to what caused it/what's wrong.

See, about an hour ago, ILGAMORE (my desktop) froze (it NEVER freezes), and I had to do a hard reboot. As it was restarting, it hung on the screen with the status bar. So I restart again, and try to "revert to last known good settings". No dice. Restart again, and choose a system restore point from sometime last week. STILL nothing. Ran chkdsk. No problems. Everything looks good in safe mode, but I can't get it to boot!!

I haven't been able to dig up much advice aside from what I've already tried, and I have to admit that my experiene with troubleshooting in XP is limited (I haven't had anything to troublshoot!).

Thank you for your time- you guys always give the best advice!

((ps- I fixed my laptop! Thanks for all of the good advice you guys gave!))
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