you're like hunger. (xglassjawx) wrote in thequestionclub,
you're like hunger.

what do you think happens to us when we die? do you think its the same for all living things? does your religious affiliation play a part in your beliefs?

i myself tend to be a realist- i seriously doubt the existence of a heaven or hell, at least in the traditional sense. i believe that its just the end- like a prolonged sleep. this view isnt incredibly popular among people, and understandably, as it is of little comfort. i am also an atheist, so there is no notion of god in my belief, obviously. but if this was true, what about all the documented ghost sightings? are all things "supernatural" just b.s.? i do toy with the idea of a spiritual plane of existence that we go to after death, which makes me feel slightly more comforted. death is such an unsettling topic...

what are your views?
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