Young Caesar (youngcaesar) wrote in thequestionclub,
Young Caesar

1. Is there a cultural significance to the idea of snorting coke off of a baby? I feel like a horrible person for even typing that, but I've heard more than one reference to the idea.

Edit: Both references were WAY before last week! That means that whoever did it did it because it was already an idea. :(

Edit #2: (Tangent from this post:

2. I was going on about (spoilerish things) that happened on Ugly Betty, particularly in regards to Justin, and my friend said, "Why does it matter that much? There are other..."
Other friend, not trying to be funny: "...little boys?" Hilarity ensued, and I have to be sure to mock said friend for that comment in the future. What is an entertaining conversation you heard or were a part of recently?
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