xcrimsonxfearx (xcrimsonxfearx) wrote in thequestionclub,

My brain isn't working tonight...

Ok, I've been sitting here for like a couple hours trying to think of the name and i googled all of what i know of this song but i am coming up with zilch, and my brain won't let me go to sleep until i figure this out.

Its a country song, I believe it was made after 2001. It has a music video showing a bunch of men coming back from overseas (i suppose war) and their families (kids) are there to great them and its going along about something like how men were little once too, or little boys grow up to be men or something like that. I don't even recall what the singer looks like.
Just the music video of a bunch of returning soldiers getting greeted by their kids, and i'm sure there was much more to the video but it seems that's all my brain recalls tonight.

So, does anyone know wtf i'm talking about? I would sure love to find out the name of the song.
Found it thanks to a lovely user here AND i edited it to be a question
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