xcrimsonxfearx (xcrimsonxfearx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Holy Mother of WTF??!!

Ok, I was surfing google looking for a country song that came to mind. So, yeah I typed in "little boys" because I thought the song was called, "men were little boys too" or something of the like, it was a song about men coming back from war or overseas or something of the like. So, as i was saying.... i typed in "little boys" and no i never saw porn ICK! that's not what has me saying WTF??!! it's this wacko crap

Is my baby boy a HOMO?

Please, someone tell me that my sleep deprived mind missed the sign that said "Yo this is a joke" or something, cause if this site is real, there's be some fucked up people.

seriously, WTF??!!
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