HEFNERSBUNNY is now (totheleft) wrote in thequestionclub,

selling used laptops/transferring programs

I got a new laptop today. yay.

How much do you think I could get for mine, used? It is two years old, it's a Dell 700m. I spent a lot of money on it for it to be tiny and have a lot of upgrades, extended life battery, etc. It has Office home and Photoshop on it. Problem is, I dont think a lot of people think the whole four-pound-12" laptop thing is as convenient as I do. It's tiny.

Where would you sell it, i fyou wanted the most money for it? I know used laptops aren't worth much though.

Is there a way to transfer my photoshop to my new Dell? Or can you not do that? The actual disk for it is in New York with my cousin and I need photoshop on my new computer like NOW (I'm a professional photographer).

Thanks :)

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