isaynaturally (isaynaturally) wrote in thequestionclub,

 Shamefully, I ended up watching a few minutes of Hannity last night while nothing was on.

He was saying how if he was Al Gore he wouldn't have accepted the Nobel Peace Prize because Yasser Arafat was awarded one, and he wouldn't want to win an award that a terrorist had.  

1.  Would you accept the Peace Prize even though a terrorist won it too?
2.  Do you think Hannity is full of crap and would have accepted the award regardless?  I think he's just throwing a bitch fit because it was Gore. 

EDIT:  I just got my desk and a bunch of New Yorker's from my aunt and uncle who kicked me out two months ago.  They tore off the address label from the mags.  Why do you think this is?
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