k (agentrayevyn) wrote in thequestionclub,

cmon tqc, gimme something to look forward to reading after work today.

7. Ever been to London? Do you -live- in London? Tell me some of the fabulous things about the city, I am curious as all get out and want to hear from real people on it. Not just the touristy things, but the stuff *you* dug about it.

38. Is it cold where you are this morning? Where are you? I'm in Louisiana and it's like, 49 right now. That's brr for me.

12. Yo, HP fans: Which of these d'you think is better for a Tonks costume for halloween? this one or this one? And do you have any better ideas? I've got until the 29th to get it.

59. Have you ever participated in a Halloween function where you dressed up and handed out candy to kids? I'm doing Zoo Boo this year and I am so psyched, all the little kids are so adorable.
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