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What's the meaning of the different types of bras? What's a "demi" bra mean? How is a tshirt bra different?

And my otehr question:
Say you were working at a job you loved. You feel like the other employees are your family, your boss is great and easy to get along with, and you love your work. Now the only thing keeping you from advancing in your career there and getting a fatter paycheck (and possibly going on salary, not being paid by the hour) is the fact that you're only eighteen and the only requirement keeping you from getting that position is your age (and legally, they can't change it). You don't want to stay at the same pay ($7.5/hour) for another three years. At the moment you're taking a year off before you head into college.

Would you quit your job and find a place that will pay you more because you're 18 and an adult, and thus you can also afford your own place, or stay at your job for three more years at the same pay?
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