elsiemOnster (elsiemonster) wrote in thequestionclub,

phones phones phones

If you have a BlackBerry Pearl, are you able to use your IM app? Mine seemsto drop connection but there's no way to know. I keep typing and the other person doesn't receive my msgs and vice versa.

Does anyone have or had the Sidekick 3? How do you like it? What do you hate about it? Do you think the new Sidekick LX will be cool?

Do you think someone like me who loves the size of the BB Pearl will think the Sidekick LX is too big?

(I use to have an SK 2 and I loved it, except I felt like it was too big.)

Oh, and if you are like me and had been a Sidekick and BlackBerry owner, do you feel like one browser is better than the other?

Are you going to watch the Tila Tequila series?
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