Proloto (proloto) wrote in thequestionclub,

Funny story, just happened.

So TQC, I live in the ghetto. One of my neighbors (all of which who I try my very best to avoid even making eye contact with) came knocking on my door a few minutes ago and asked me if I could jump his car. Everyone around here is a crack head pot smoking drunk, but I'm not a jerk, and I know what it is like to need a jump, so I said I would. After I open the door he says he changed his mind because it's his wifes car and that he really would just have 3$ to take a taxi because they had a fight and didn't want to take her car. He says he'll pay back my money and give me some weed tomorrow if I do him this favor now. I know that I'm just never going to get him off my porch at this point unless I give him 3 bucks, so I do. And trust me, in this neighbor hood, its better not to make enemies.

So, a faith in humanity question.
Think I'll ever see my 3$ again?
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