if i knew the way, i would take you home (x_isntshelovely) wrote in thequestionclub,
if i knew the way, i would take you home

what movie (movies) make you terribly sad and sullen? like ones that you can't possibly talk to anyone during, and will still be thinking about the next day?

do you believe in karma? is it or is it not bad karma to all of a sudden want to volunteer when it comes time to look good for colleges? (i just feel to guilty to stoop to that level =/)

the other day in the bathroom i sneezed and the woman in the next stall said God Bless You; i know its good manners but in the bathroom? is there a certain etiquette to be used whilst using the bathroom (ex: not talking)?

speaking of bathrooms, isnt it a little sexist to only have baby changing tables in the woman's bathrooms?
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