La vida de llorona (laudanumdream) wrote in thequestionclub,
La vida de llorona

Student Loans



My university has a Study Abroad program, which every summer they offer a trip to Cuernavaca, Mexico.

I was all hyped up to go, as this is my only opportunity to both finish my Spanish and go to Mexico before I graduate. However, now, they're planning on going to Salmanca, Spain, which is approximatley $1,500 more.

Do you know of any good student loan programs with low interest rates? 

Edit: I had HTML wrong, and I also wanted to mention that although I was hyped up to go to Mexico and I won't be now, I still want to go on this Study Abroad program, and I still feel like I will benefit from the experience. I just realize now that it'll be a lot harder to save the money, so I'm looking for resources. 

Thanks for all your help!

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