in_the_rayne (in_the_rayne) wrote in thequestionclub,

The S/O just got a job offer to create a FPS video game for the next 3 years with 2 of the guys he graduated with. I am really excited for him, though I don't think I acted that way on the phone (I wasn't feeling too well yesterday, sinus pressure and congestion).

I'm trying to think of something to give him as a congratulations sort of thing, because I know that this is the big break he's been waiting for. I want to find something nerdily appropriate. Do you have any suggestions of nerdy gifts?

And before everyone does the typical "well you know him better than we do", I've only known him a little over a month so I don't really have a grasp on what he likes for gifts and whatnot yet. I'd just like suggestions in general for nerd/geek/gamer related gifts. kthxbai.
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