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Sometime last year a lot of people in the GSA at my school participated in the Day of Silence.  A lot of them brought white boards with markers to write on when they needed to say something, but mostly they played hang man or drew pictures and stuff.  It was kind of annoying and I thought that the white boards kind of defeated the purpose of being silent.  I mean yeah, you need to communicate with people, but I think it made it seem like a joke.  Most people at my school had NO idea why they weren't talking because the GSA didn't do any advertisements/explanations before or after the day, and a lot of people made fun of the silent kids because they had no idea what it was about.  The GSA was disappointed in how few people participated in the Day of Silence.

1.  What are you opinions on the white boards?
2.  Do you think there should have been some posters or something telling what it was about?  I think if you wanted people to participate then you would have at least spread the word that it was happening.
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